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Preloved Caravans

Facts & Figures:
Season:                                                      9 Months (1st March - 30th November)  Annual ground rent £3,100.00 (2024)
                                                                   10 Months (1st March - 2nd January) Annual ground rent £3,400.00 (2024)

Electricity:                                                 Individually metered and averages about £230.00 per season.
Gas:                                                            Gas bottles 47kg = £90.00

Wireless Internet & Telephone:              Available from 'Boundless Networks', annual fee and installation fee apply.

Insurance:                                                 Insurance is approximately £8.00 per £1,000 new for old.

Subletting:                                                No subletting, caravans may only be used by immediate family.    

Security:                                                    Ramtech alarm system £65.00 per year.  

Tel: 01262 605107

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